FUN ROADS is a 24/7 road travel channel that celebrates the freedom of the open road!

FUN ROADS is that epic road trip with the top down, the wind in your hair & some great tunes blasting!

FUN ROADS is 65 TV series, 6,000 + hrs. of road trip content, 8 original series & 3 Emmy Award Winners

FUN ROADS is on the air right now in 100 DMA’s including top 10 broadcast TV markets!

FUN ROADS is already delivering UDP, Zixi, SRT, and HLS feeds with full redundancy.

FUN ROADS is available to you right now through TiVo’s Managed IPTV Service

FUN ROADS is yours for the asking… just opt in on PPS, ask TiVo for FUN ROADS & you’re good to go!

FUN ROADS is timely, safe, family-friendly professionally produced programming that your subs love

FUN ROADS is a driver for increased Ad Sales (pun intended)


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